When London Burned (97K) Historical Drama

          The ravages of war do not burn as savagely as the fires of passion. The heart is ever so much more lethal than the storm troopers and blitzkrieg that threaten to sweep away all of Europe in 1940. The British people, threatened by an imminent Nazi invasion, find a surprising hero in Lysette Jourdane, a young French girl. Her burning passion might unintentionally accomplish what the British High Command cannot do: defeat Hitler’s evil war machine.

           WHEN LONDON BURNED  is a journey into the erotic pleasures and the disturbed mind of young Lysette Jourdane. She is a young woman scarred by the horrors of war when she loses both her parents, her betrothed, and her own innocence to the onslaught of the German invasion of France. Her life seemingly over, she finds sanctuary in the secretive underworld of the wicked slums of London. There she is rescued and recruited into the oldest profession where her passions are ignited in a way she thought not possible.  Her unquenchable desire leads her all the way to the steps of Buckingham Palace where she saves two innocent girls, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, from certain death. Rewarded for her bravery by the Crown, Lysette turns her life around and not only finds her place in the world, but finds love as well. The question is how can she stop the Nazi menace that is determined to kill her and everyone she loves?

          WHEN LONDON BURNED is written in the tone and style of the novels of Jacqueline Susann. It is an accurately researched novel that includes the family of King George VI, the young Princess Elizabeth, the enigmatic Duke of Kent, Winston Churchill, Edith Pilaf, and the city of London and how it weathered the German onslaught during the Battle of Britain.

When London Burned is the first of a planned three book series of the story of Lysette. The next book is Dove and the Sparrow. The last book is When Paris Fell.

The Darkshine Chronicles (97K) Epic Fantasy

           Miriana Windsong is the Princess of the Realm of Godnia, and enjoys every imaginable pleasure and privilege. However, when her parents disappear, her titles, possessions, and dignity are stolen from her. Even her name and identity are denied her when she is forced to live a lie. She is exiled to an Orphanage and to an Academy where Miriana is constantly ridiculed because she is different from everyone else. Unfortunately, she has purple hair and eyes, the dreaded color of the hated enemy from across the sea. There are also dangers which stand between her and happiness, including Darkshine, an unspeakable horror which   terrorizes her kingdom. With everything seemingly lost, she refuses to give in because she still yearns for the life she once knew when she was Princess. 

           Miriana does have one advantage in that she was born a Mystic, and is just learning just how powerful she might be. Miriana escapes the Orphanage so that she can travel to mystical lands where she begins a quest to find her parents, discover a way to save her planet from the dread of Darkshine, and find the most elusive goal of all: her proper place in the magical world of Evandria. None of this will be easy because Miriana has the most dangerous foe of all: the oldest evil herself, Death.

            THE DARKSHINE CHROICLES (90K) is a complete Epic Fantasy with magical realism. The intended age range is Adult, but with themes and characters in the 16 to 21 range, hopefully there will be YA crossover.

           THE DAEKSHINE CHRONICLES is written in a style reminiscent of C.S. Lewis, but with a harder edge similar to the wit of Darren Star. If Harry Potter and Hermione Granger had lived in Westeros, this would be that book. The Darkest Thread (97K) is the first novel  in a complete five book series. The second is The Danger Within (90K), the third is The Questing (92K), the fourth is The Deadly Sky(99K) and the last is The Dusking (105K).

 Portraits in Black and White (170K) Historical Drama  

             Standing at the edge of hopelessness is also just one step from salvation. It is said that each journey begins with a single step. PORTRAITS IN BLACK AND WHITE is the story of Moses Connolly, a young black photographer who travels south in 1883 when his ill mother tells him there are secrets there he needs to learn about his life. During his visit, he encounters Mister Rater, an elegant black man and his partner, a brooding Colonel who seems still lost in the horrors of the Civil War. Together, the three embark on a journey filled with intrigue, hijinks, and eye opening events that reshape everything Moses had thought was true about his past. His own life is placed in peril when he encounters Jim Crow activists who see him as a threat to uncover events lost since forgotten. It is during this time that Moses learns of a timeless romance and his part in the mysteries of why it had been kept secret. With intrigue at every step, Moses uncovers the secrets that will forever change his life and all those he has ever loved. 

           PORTRAITS IN BLACK AND WHITE (170K) is a complete Historical Drama similar in style to the works of John Jakes and in tone to William Faulkner’s comedy The Reivers. The work is a historically accurate account with well-known persons such as George Armstrong Custer, Jefferson and Varina Davis, and legendary minstrel performer Jameson “Blackie” Ray. This book will appeal to readers interested in Historical Drama (Especially Civil War buffs), Romance, and Minority Works. Similar books are Cold Mountain, and Twelve Years a Slave. This novel has mainstream appeal, and would be one that Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club would certainly list because of its uplifting message and minority achievement. The book was recently rewritten and won a local prestigious play contest and won a State Resident Artist award. A film of this book would certainly garner great attention and would appeal to the award minded crowd in Hollywood.                   

Where They All Belong (98K) Historical Drama

When you’re soaring through life don’t look down, because you might find it’s not that far to the bottom.

Orphaned Judith McCann protects young brother Joshua from the upheaval and chaos that almost tore America apart in 1969. She discovers love and inspiration when she meets a young crop duster who literally flies into her life. Based thematically on a medley of Beatles songs, their story is one of hope and fulfillment.

WHERE THEY ALL BELONG  chronicles the story of Judith and Joshua when they find  a young guitarist, Christopher Rigby, who shares their love of music. Their journey takes a Long and Winding Road as they navigate the pitfalls of the times and the pressures of growing up in the day of exuberance and excess. Even when the Vietnam War tears apart their dreams, their families, and their lives, it is their love of music and love of each other that finally leads them home. It is a comical flight through a raucous time and is a heart-warming story for people of every decade.

WHERE THEY ALL BELONG  is a quirky, endearing tale written in the style of Nicholas Sparks. A similar work in style and spirit would be the film Secondhand Lions by Tim McCanlies. The book’s intended market would be Adult with YA crossover.

Never the Twain  (100K) Historical Drama

He was one of the most prolific writers of his time, yet Mark Twain struggled with a single book for over seven years without completing a single worthy page. It was not until he had a chance encounter with a young black photographer that he found the inspiration to finally put words on the page. Through the ensuing escapades and hijinks, Twain is able to complete one of the most seminal novels in American history, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  

NEVER THE TWAIN is a delight to the ears as it chronicles the great author and his witty wife, Olivia, as they find more than satisfaction in writing perhaps the greatest American novel: they find a true friend.

NEVER THE TWAIN is similar in tone and style to the novels of Mark Twain with a touch of Saturday Night Live. The book's intended audience is Adult, but because of the historical subject, hopefully there will be lots of YA crossover as every library would want it for their shelves and every middle school would add it to their list of required reading.

Keeper of the Stone (95K) Epic Fantasy

If lust is man’s most basic need, then he is but a toy to any woman, for she will use him to obtain that which she most covets: power.

Millions of years before man was thought to have existed, thriving kingdoms filled the earth in the ancient days of Pangea. Zeus, Vishnu, Gilgamesh, Aphrodite, Lilith all walked the earth as mortals before they became the mythical legends we know today. In those times the world was at peace because the Stone of Eternity and its magical properties united the peoples in harmony. Now the peace is threatened for the Stone has been stolen and the many realms are suspicious as to who would dare such an outrageous act.

KEEPER OF THE STONE is the story of the world of Pangea, told through the eyes of Princess Lyrica, daughter of great King Osirus of Tantalis. Her story is a tale of betrayal, revenge, lust, and seduction.

KEEPER OF THE STONE is an Epic Fantasy for an Adult audience. It is written in the style of George R.R. Martin without the verbosity.

 The first book in this series is Keeper of the Stone: The Search for Eternity. The second book will be Ashes of Sin. There are four more planned in the series.



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